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Michael Reynolds

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Aug 23, 2015
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Good Afternoon All.
Need your help again please, i posted a picture of my client a few days ago but she has now changed her mind on what she wants ;/ so please help me out if you can

my client the last few months has been saying her wants to go as light as possible like taylor shift so in october we started off with a level 5 colour ( she done home colour) and since then we have done 3 full head highlights and have ended up with the pic below.
she has now decided that she would like to have a colour like the two taylor shift pics below. however she doesn't want to have highlights anymore as she says she doesn't like seeing her roots.

So im thinking of doing a root touch up to match the colors in the photos and then just toning the old highlights? would you guys agree?
Also i'm Loreal so dose anyone have any ideas of what colours i can use.

Thanks for you help guys



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May 25, 2014
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Bexley, Kent
Is she REALLY looking at the hair.....OR,....is she really just wanting TO BE SWIFT!!:rolleyes:
I'd be very clear at the consultation what colour you believe Taylor is on the shade chart...move her away from the pictures of Swift, and focus on your swatches!

Taylor's hair looks very golden/honey/warm, to me, especially the second picture....but studio lighting can give a different hue, so be sure GOLD is what she wants.........often when you show them your interpretation on the colour chart, it is not the same as they 'see it'!
I'd guess Taylor to be around a base 7.....but she does like to change her tone quite frequently, from warm to cool.....
How about using Dia light......
No commitment, so not a problem when she next wants to change the tone:cool:


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Jan 13, 2013
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London, UK
For the brightest look I'd break her base for a few minutes with lighting oil +20 vol to lift it and create some warmth. The tone the roots into the highlights with 8.3, then after a few mins the over the rest of the hair, using 9.3 over the hairlights around the face. If she doesnt like any roots at all instead of the lighting oil I'd shadow the roots to connect them into the highlights with a shade lighter than her roots like a 7.31. Or use the 7.31 (richese) over the roots on dry hair with 9vol to slightly lift and tone the base then melt the colours though the ends to. I'd probably add the smallest possible amount of 8.34 dialight into the gold toners to make more of a honey gold. Few ideas depending on how much commitment she wants. I'd also switch to balayage for lifting the ends or tipping out in foils if there are any darker areas.

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