Please vote for my little girl

She is lovely! I just voted too...tried to do it twice but it said I have to wait until tomorrow!

Best of luck, let us know how she gets on!


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Just posted my vote. She's so cute. Good Luck:)


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Done :) Hope she wins x


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Thanks everyone :D Seems I have caused a bit of a to do on another forum I use for "cheating" by telling people which child is mine!

Glad I have this forum full of wonderful geeks who don't oppose my asking you to help :D xxx

such a cutie has my vote

My votes in. Cx


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Hi, I just voted for her too , what a lovely little face and a lovely name too
:hug: x


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ive voted! x


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Thanks Geeks :D

You can vote every day too so if you can spare 2 minutes, please do so that Holly's votes keep growing :D She is havig me check her count every bloomin hour - nothing like an excited 6 year old haha

When she has had her breakfast and stuff, I will let her post her own thank you message :D


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I have been voting for her every day hun,
she stands every chance there is, there is nothing like geek power lol :lol:


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Just repeated it for you too :hug: x minky

I have placed a voted she is lovely


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214 votes and counting Geeks :D The 100th child is currently on 250+ so we are getting there :D

She's lovely i have voted

I've only jsut seen this post but I've voted! Honestly what is the problem with currying support for your daughter! People are so petty somethimes (this is reference to the other forum!) Lx


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Wowww Geeks - 403 votes and Holly is in the TOP 100!!!!! Please keep voting when you can as there is still a fair amount of time on the competition and Holly needs to be in the top 100 to get into the next round :D

Thanks so much all of you for the support so far :D xxxxx


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my votes in too, good luck :hug:


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Still voting :hug: minky x

voted :) good luck x

I voted for het hun, hope she wins, she's a little sweetie.Xx:hug: