Plum colour in Goldwell


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Hi, have a new client who wants her hair a plum colour. She has about 1.5 inches of pepper and salt regrowth with a faded red colour on the mid lengths to ends. I use Goldwell, any ideas on what shades to use achieve this. I did look at 6vv max with some 6n in not sure if this would achieve the colour she wants.


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What would the "faded red colour" you talk about match up to on a swatch? Is it darker than the desired shade or lighter? What percentage of white is her salt and pepper root? I'd consider 5vv +6bkv to make a plum tone. 6vv is more vibrant.

There is more grey than white. The red is really light that is faded, much lighter than the shade she wants. She also said she wants some form of blue to in the colour as well.