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How do you guys display color swatches ? I have at least 150 colors and they fade on the displays you hand polish on and I don’t have years to paint and cure every one is there an easier quicker way ?


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At Christmas I bought some colour pop “lolly pop” style display sticks from eBay, called Nail Art Fan-wheel I think.
I used them to display Christmas nail art, but the good thing is you can paint each tip and cure the whole thing, rather than individually. It’s also a good way of displaying similar colours to compare different shades.

I’ve tried so many different ways - all are time consuming though!


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Painting on the underside of clear swatch sticks might prevent fading x

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I have over 400 gel polish swatches. I paint on the underside of the swatch.
I have had these painted for over 5 years and they are still going strong, no need to replace.
Do you store yours in direct sunlight?