Politely sacking a nice client

I have an elderly client who I've been doing regular mobile manicures for since starting out. I now no longer offer mobile, but still do her treatments at her home for her.

Long and short of it is I don't want to do her treatments any more, I virtually work at a loss and am turning away lucrative home business... that aside though, the last treatment I did for her, I noticed she has developed what I believe to be three warts on one of her hands! Gutted, threw away my files and thoroughly disinfected my metal tools.... bit worried I'm going to catch them! In addition, I feel so mean saying this, but as I soaked her hands cleaner her nails.... I could smell wee. Was in such a fluster at the appointment, I just didn't know what to do/say and let her booked next appointment in, in 5 weeks time. I'd like to 'sack' her before the next appointment though, because I can't treat her now she has warts, however I should've said something to her at her last appointment, doh.

What would you geeks do? I really ballsed this one up! One more thing, if it makes a difference, I'm 11 weeks pregnant - paranoid, nauseous, strong sense of smell and particularly irrational right now it seem.... excuse excuses!:(

Thanks xxxxxxxxxx
What a shame, the poor woman! Explain to her that your pregnant and taking some time out from being mobile, and focusing on home work. Then give her the number of another recommended nail tech :) x
i know honestly is always the best policy, but i would simply say, due to being preganant and unfortunate horrible morning sickness and other commintments within my pregancy i am now no longer commiting to home appointments im going to have no choice but to cancel our appointment and will be uable to make a further one for you at this time, I am once again sorry about this but i have no choice as im sure you will appreciate me being pregnant has to come first,

or something along those lines Good Luck xxx

Good advice from hausofhana!! Slowing down due to being pregnant is the way to go! Poor old lady but i am 14 weeks and some smells make me ill too. Lying in bed feeling off as i type this ;)

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Hi Hun

Be nice and honest. Say you're no longer able to offer mobile and perhaps find another mobile therapist in the area for her to contact. I personally would mention the warts (if you intend to see her again), you can politely say about them and kindly suggest she get them checked out.

Love n hugs xxx

Thanks geek, I was thinking of something similar (i.e. using pregnancy as an excuse rather than real reasons). I just re-read my original post and think I probably sound like a bit of a cow! Promise I'm not, she's a lovely lady, but I've been meaning to saying something for a while now as I've stopped all my mobile as trying to do from my home treatment room and mobile just doesn't work out very well for me, has to be one or the other. Also she often complains of her money woes and how expensive everything is and has reduced her appointments to every 5 weeks. I've never had the heart to tell her that my prices went up ages ago, so I still charge her my original rate plus OAP discount, which works out £10 for a full mani (no extra charge for home visit). She says she struggles to afford it... so do I!

I do feel bad for not saying about the warts though, wasn't very responsible of me on that front, but now I feel it's too late and not very appropriate to tell her in hindsight - 'btw, I noticed that you have some warts at your last appointment, so I can't do anymore treatments until they're gone'?! Gosh I'm a nob sometimes.

Hey-ho, thanks for the advice.... and listening to my winge really (sorry)! xx


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Firstly...the fact you are pregnant is making this seem much worse to you than it really is! Your hormones are making u feel sad and guilty and you are doing NOTHING wrong!!
Secondly, use the pregnancy as an excuse. It's a very good reason and old people love to hear it!
Maybe as she's getting older and there is an issue of warts n wee, it might be better if she actually sees a chiropodist for her soak and trim/shape. I think for the elderly they are cheaper and most do hands and feet as a package and elderly are advised to have their feet done incase of diabetes ect...so the expense might be less for her.
Don't feel bad!!!

How will you feel if you say you can't do mobile and she says she will come to you?

Would that make you happy or wish you didn't have to do her at all?

I only ask because if this happens how will you make a further excuse to then sack her?

Make sure what you say will suit you, if you don't mind treating her at home warts and all then say pregnancy, otherwise I think you may need to come up with something else.

Please read this in the nice tone I'm saying it in cos when I read it back it reads a little harsh x

Jiggyball, thanks for that, makes me feel less of a nutcase! Good idea re. the chirpodist I will mention that to her :)

Goodmonkey - doesn't read harsh at all, very good point, thanks :) Eek - how would I get out of that one? Therefore I'd have to bring the warts issue up. I'd be happy to treat her once her warts have been seen to and have cleared meanwhile it's just too risky to myself and other clients to be treating someone with warts. I think I should be safe though as she doesn't drive or have family nearby so she would have to take a taxi, which she probably can't afford... oh gosh, poor thing :(

Going to compose myself and then probably put off calling her until tomorrow!

Thanks geeks xx

She has warts. So you didn't say anything at the time... Tell her that you did some research AFTER the last appointment and would prefer not to service her bc they are contagious & you are pregnant. That is factual.

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She has warts. So you didn't say anything at the time... Tell her that you did some research AFTER the last appointment and would prefer not to service her bc they are contagious & you are pregnant. That is factual.

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As therapists we are not meant to diagnose, we are meant to suggest they seek professional medical advice so I wouldnt tell her you have researched and she has warts, maybe say you were concerned about them and that she should seek advice.

I didn't mean to diagnose her :)
I only mean to say that since they were obviously there.. the client needs to see the doc, and as a tech, and a pregnant one, I would prefer to excuse myself from servicing her until confirmed and/or rectified. I see I should have been more specific.
I actually have a client with a wart on her thumb. She wears a bandaid, I glove up.
This tech is looking for a way out. I just think going the straight route is always better.

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Oh dear poor you! The joys of pregnancy! I remember knowing I was pregnant with my first because I could smell the fish counter at the entrance to waitrose.

I dont think you are being mean but having worked with elderly i can see its probably a real treat for her.

Just b honest & say its your pregnancy.

Is there anyway u can find someone else for her?

What about finding another mobile nail tech for her to use and explain you personally can't do it for her any longer due to pregnancy but you have found the follow techs for her to try,that way she has numbers in hand to call to replace you.

Thanks for your thoughts geeks. It has really helped me consider how I will go about this. Feeling a bit more rational today, so it doesn't feel such a big deal as it did the other day!

The fact is, I want to be honest but I like this client very much and the last thing I want to do is offend or upset her. I feel I need to treat the matter delicately and from experience, I recently had a client who pointed out a verucca to me and said 'can you work on that' at the beginning of her pedi appointment, I completely upset her because I then informed her that I could not perform a pedi treatment due to the verucca. Explained why and was uber polite and sympathetic and offered to still paint her toes for her for a few quid instead. She accepted, but at the end of the appointments said I had made her feel horrible and dirty :( So as you can understand, I'm really keen to treat this matter very delicately, hence why I wasn't upfront with wart lady at her last appointment, I was just so worried that I was going to upset her like I did verucca lady.

Anyway, here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to do her next appointment, file nails, tidy cuticles and then say... 'Ooh, Mrs Blahblah, I think you may have a couple of warts here'? Have you noticed these? Perhaps it's worth having a doctor look at them'? For now though, I wont do your hand massage coz if they are warts, the massage could spread them further'?

Then I will let her know that I wont be doing mobile any longer. Coz the fact is, it wasn't intially the warts, I've wanted to finish doing my last mobile client for a while now, so it wouldn't be dishonest to say, I'm no longer offering mobile and cutting back my hours due to pregnancy, because it's true! I do know someone else who is mobile, but is it responsible to pass a client with warts to her, for both the therapist and the client? I would just feel bad xx

unas escarlata

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If she has been a customer of yours for a long time, I would consider it a courtesy to tell her to her face of your decision to stop mobile work. If you really can't face another treatment, ask if you can pop in to see her, take her a pinkie of solar oil or something as a farewell gift. Believe me, she will think more of you for this. If you can't bear it.....

Dear xxx

I hope this finds you well? It was so nice to see you whenever it was, you have been a regular customer of mine for 150 years now and I appreciate your continued business.

I have some good, and bad, news. I am pregnant, which i am truly delighted about! However, whilst I appreciate pregnancy is not an illness, I have to be realistic about what I can achieve and I am tiring easily right now, particularly with carrying equipment to appointments. As such, it is with much regret that I cannot continue the mobile aspect of my work.

Here are the details of some other local mobile technicians that you may wish to call.

Once again, in thank you for you custom and wish you all the very best

Kind regards
Hi! Maybe suggest going to see the pharmacist and see if they can shed some light on it. They will most likely say they are contagious, which they are, and once you get one of them buggers, there's no getting rid if them.

Recently I suggested to someone who asked for a pedicure but wasn't sure whether she had a nail infection to see the pharmacist and seek his opinion before we continued. So she went, I got the response of yes I have nail infections on multiple toe nails, I'm not sure if this would affect the treatment. I just explained unfortunately I would be unable to do it, due to possible cross contamination/spreading it to other nails of hers.

That way people are away of your hygiene and safety and will most likely come back when everything is normal :)

Good luck with your lady and pregnancy x

Thanks geeks. As I said in my last post I'm going to the next appointment to see her, as I also feel I should tell her in person that I'm no longer doing mobile and will be finishing her treatments.

Thanks for the good luck :) I need it coz I'm a massive woose when it comes to be honest with clients, which could potentially make them feel uncomfortable. It's been a year since I increased my prices and I have several regulars including this mobile lady who I have never had the heart to tell that I have increased prices and still charging intro rates, I get so mad at myself and I build myself up to d but then when they come for their treatment, I just lose all confidence. I'm defo going to get tougher, grr! Hum... prob not

Thanks lots for your thoughts xx


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This thread has been interesting. Its always hard to decline a treatment for a client based on this. I had a lady with a wart come in, I explained that we would need to cover it up and I painted her toes but that was all I could do. Its always hard to find away around it without coming out and saying oh you have XYZ ......