Portable table and chairs for mobile business

I'm looking for a portable table and chairs for mobile nails. Any recommendations?

House Beauty

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I don’t know if IKEA still do it but there was like a TV dinner sized fold up table. One of my older ladies had it and I’d never have got her up at the table to do her nails so I found it really useful. I have the generic fold up mobile nail table in my room as it’s small but to be honest it’s still too big. You don’t need a wide table just enough to put your own arms across comfortably, I always end up putting my lotions in a basket on the floor next to me as I knock them over from the table.

Edit: just found it on Argos https://www.argos.co.uk/product/609...MIj_ex_Zab4gIVyZ3tCh1QpwsJEAQYDyABEgJxYfD_BwE