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Sep 11, 2003
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has anyone used these? they look pretty nifty but, I wanted to see if anyone had a review of them. This is the website.
parkyojin said:
has anyone used these? they look pretty nifty but, I wanted to see if anyone had a review of them. This is the website.
I've just ordered a sample pack off them. I'll let you know when I've tried them.
sweet... i actually just did the same.
Me too! They look fab! :green:
Aphrodite said:
Me too! They look fab! :green:
hiya but how do you go about ordering the sample packs please tell
just click on the website and look down on the bottom of the page. click on "shop now" and it will redirect you to their online catalog. from there just click on "sample all four styles" and i'm sure you can get it from there! Good luck! :green:
OOOOOOO I'm excited! They've been dispatched which means they're on their wayhey!! :green:
This might sound stupid but i'm new to the nail industry, i just wanted to know what are pre-etched tips :lol:
if you go to the website of the company you can see the tips. Basically pre-etched tips don't require you to blend after application to the nail. You can directly apply the l&p or whatever right after the tip has bonded.
Just went on the site and think they look fantastic - wanted to order (sample all four) but did not bring up a price - how much are they??
the sample pack is free... you just pay for shipping, pretty cheap. I've been busy but I have just started to play around with them... I actually really like them. Anybody else played with them yet?
Just placed my order - will let you know how i get on!
Hollyballoo said:
Just wondering whether any of you on this thread who were getting in some of these pre-etched tips how you are getting on with them, and whether they really are as good as they sound?! I saw a thread on some other site a while back and a couple of comments were that they were surprisingly thicker than they had expected and that they still need further work on blending but not sure if these are the same tips?

I hear you can also get pre-etched tips from TT over here now..anyone gone there instead of the other site?

Please can you tell me who stocks TT over here?
Hi all

Have just placed my order for the samples so thank you for that. I look forward to having a go with these.

Withcesmole <|:) x
Hi all,

I received me sample nails a few weeks back and love them. The tips are thicker than I imagined and I also still blend them in :lol: (because I could still see the line under clear acrylic) but the blending time is seconds!!!

I've placed an order and they should arrive anyday. Can't wait to play. ;)
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