Pro Beauty...any scores on the doors?


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The first day of competing is over, do we know who of our mates achieved?

Always love to hear of our Geeky winners x


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I had to leave before the results, so come on who is in the know then???? Please let us know xxx


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Hahahahaha, I don't remember the other... But I placed first in the Championships! With gel!!!! I am over the moon. :-D (And bragging...:))


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Gemma got the tech of the year... Elise won manicure... That's all i remember... Sorry....:)


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Hahahahaha, I don't remember the other... But I placed first in the Championships! With gel!!!! I am over the moon. :-D (And bragging...:))
Congratulations Cec you must feel so u have any pics of the winning nails? x


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Yes, I have. Will upload them now...


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I forgot to say THANK YOU!

The picture is up in my profile.


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Congratulations Cec your nails look brill. I hope some day mine are as good as yours:)

Congratulations Cec


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Oh, thank you so much. I still can't believe it! I am still smiling and smiling and smiling....:-D


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What a beautiful set of winning nails.
(now wheres a smiley with a flag from Norway:))

Congrats Cec - those nails are stunning! x


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Thanks you!

Haha, I DID have the Norwegian flag on my desk. I always have...:) My models are laughing...:-D At Nailympics I didn't got my stuff (my case was in Norway while I was in London, long story, but I got everything I needed), my model had to search the place to get the Norwegian flag from the organizers! :-D



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Our very own Gelly won second place in L&P tip and overlay .............woooooooohoooooooooo.............. nice one.

I hope you got some piccies for us huni xxx


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Congratulations everyone!!!

Cec, love your winning nails......

Well done Gemma Nail Technician of the Year (is there a curtsy smilie lol)....

Great news too Elise and Lauri (Gelly)

I have also heard a rumour that Purelynailz took 1st place in the Fancy French........Brilliant!

Good luck to everyone competing today!!
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:lol: Thanks :green::hug:

It was a pleasant surprise to say the least!.... and to come 2nd to Louise Huggard (Looby Lou), one of my nail heroines, well what more could I ask for?

Congrats to all the other Geeks who placed :green:

Well done to everyone who entered - we're all winners for taking part!

Photos are in my album.


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Well done everyone it is fantastic to see geeks winning. xxxx:hug:


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I want to say Big Thanks to CND/SS and EZ Flow for the brilliant prizes!

Prizes weren't given last year, so to receive a trophy and a bag packed with goodies this year was lovely!

Thank you :hug:

All participants in the competitions were given goody bags and a certificate too.... another positive change imo.

I think that there have been massive improvements made to the competitions.... hopefully it will encourage past competitors to return to the circuit and new competitors to join us?!

Well done Rachel (Chocolate) and your team.... you have obviously been working very hard for us all xx:hug:


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Congratulations to you all, well done :hug:

I came 1st in salon Nail Challenge ! yay :)