Problem scalp with small cuts?


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jade - portia

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Sep 10, 2011
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Manchester - UK
Hi geeks just popped over to see if anyone can offer any advice.

My sister has quite fine hair and for the last few years she has had pretty bad dandruff. Even though she has dandruff her hair goes greasy the day after she washes it. To drive her even more insane she now also has these little cuts on her scalp which are preventing her going going to the hair salon as she feels really ackward about her scalp and her hair.

Can anyone advise what the little cuts are? And what would be the best products for washing and conditioning her hair. Recently she has been using Redken shampoo for her problem scalp but she said it makes her scalp feel strange afer a couple of weeks and she doesn't like what it does to her hair.

Your expert advice would be much appreciated :)

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