Problem toenail



Can anyone advise on this please? Would you do a service on it or advise seeking medical advice?



I would not do a service on it. We cannot diagnose and if in doubt I would send the client to the G.P. to be on the safe side.

I wouldn't either. Tell client to go to doctor to get the discolouration diagnosed. Could be fungal. Maybe not. Only a doctor can tell.

katie d

if in doubt cast them out .....!!! lolxx


Like 3 months ago i got a new client with 2 dark purple extremely short toe nails. She asked for acrylic and insist that her toes problem weren,t fungal, i kindly ask her why her toes where like that, what happened, and advise that an enhancement like acrylic was not recommended on toes like those. She insist, and was almost crying, and she show me some medical paper which said it was not fungus. The paper didn,t explain what it was either, and i don,t know if it was legit or not. I did the acrylic on her damaged toes, but first i make her sign a statement which explain the risk of the procedure and that any further damaged was all her responsability. She took the risk and sign i did the service.

I haven,t hear nothing about her after that, but you better take care of your back with these type of things.