Problem with chair landlord


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Hello geeks!

I have just had a ride of a morning... I'm not sure what to do because I'm scared the salon owner who treated me poorly enough to make me leave will badmouth me to my old clients I really rely on word of mouth. I contacted whom I could but obv that's not everyone...

This morning I came in to the salon and found my deck moved from a lovely sunny window with a bright light overhead to what is essentially a broom closet. The owner wanted more space in reception and said she wanted to give me "more privacy" because it puts other people off when I speak my native language with the single customer I have from my country.... This really shocked me but I got on with arranging my space. When I asked for an extension lead because there weren't enough plugs I was told I will have to supply that myself and when I tried to move a floor lamp into a corner I was told I can't do that because there's no room.... I tried to explain that I can't work like that all my storage space has been left in the reception room and was going to stay there and the room was just too dark. I said I'm unhappy and she could have at least mentioned this to me. I just got told that she doesn't have to mention anything because it's her salon and I just sent a space and this is now my space if I'm unhappy I need to leave. So I packed up and left. I couldn't work in those co editions and the xenophobia was just a bit too much. As an explanation on my social media I cited health reasons and that I will only be available from home from now on (I know drama is bad for business so I mentioned none of it anywhere). Most of my clients didn't mind, only one was cross I moved at such short notice and cancelled. Now I'm just worried about the owner slagging me off in the future.
I'm so upset I was paying in chair rental equivalent of half of the salon's rent. My last short term contract just run out and we were meant to have a review today (I was on holiday so we didn't do it before).

I got kicked out from a salon I was renting a chair in because I didn't agree to being moved to a much worse location due to xenophobic sentiments from the salon owner. I'm now worried about her giving me a bad reputation as retaliation.


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Sounds like you are better out of there! Let's hope they feel the financial pinch of loosing your rent money.
If you were renting a space then you were self employed and therefore all your client details are yours to take with you and so you can make contact with them to reorganise their appointments.


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If you are a good tech, polite and friendly to clients then no matter how much the old salon owner badmouths you clients won't believe it. Why would they??? They will only have seen good things from you so the owner will just come across as unpleasant and/or bitter.

If you have a social media presence then clients will find you and follow you wherever you go, yes you may lose some, but good techs are hard to find so they'll be back once the search for a good tech becomes difficult. And if they don't then thats fine too, just more room for lovely new clients instead.

Don't dwell on what's happened, you can't change it, you're unlikely to get an apology or even acknowledgement of any wrong doing, people who behave like that will never see any error in their ways.


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Thank you both x this is very reassuring x


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Racism makes my blood boil. :mad:

Try not to worry. I agree with the others that your regular clients won’t be influenced by what the salon owner says because if they’re happy with their nails and your great service, that’s all they’ll care about.