Problem with lash application

hi! Would be really greatful on some Advice if been doing Russian lashes since December most days! But recently I've had a lot of clients come back in with in a few days with lashes missing some are saying there falling out a fan some are coming out as a singles lashes. A few
Clients that are booked in for Infills by the time there Infills are due 2 weeks they have not a lot left mostly only on one side??? I'm really lost I making up my fans fine I'm hoping my isolation is correct as I'm always checking lashes are brushing theme through to make sure there all secure why are they not lasting? :(


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There is a lot of change in the room at the moment. Cold nights, then dry heating air in the day and this can affect retention. Make sure you store the adhesive as per the manufacturers recommendations and bring the adhesive to room temperature slowly if it has been too cold. Also keep an eye on the humidity in the room as that can fluctuate quite a bit in the day and it will impact your lashes.
If they are new clients double check the aftercare to make sure they are not using products that will impact the retention and try using primer as well as cleanser before the appointment to ensure that the lashes are squeaky clean before you apply the lashes x