Problem with Shellac, any ideas?

Lis Ionie

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I am qualified and work in a salon and use shellac. Quite a few of my clients have French shellac and I have never had any problems with it before. I had a client come back the other day and all of her nails with the shellac on has turned an orangy/yellowish colour. She says she wears gloves when cleaning etc and followed my aftercare advice. I have never seen this problem before, anyone got any ideas why it happened? x


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The only thing I can think of is that colour has run from the gloves she was wearing? If you very gently buff the end with a kanga to remove the top layer if it is white underneath it is an external stain. Obviously don't do this until you are about to soak off and redo!


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did she have an indian??this happens when people have french and go out for an indian, the sauce always attaches itself to the shellac or whatever enhancement is on xx

I had a client with this problem. It turned out to be the Dove moisturiser with self tan in. She wasn't washing her hands after applying it. Now she does and this problem has miraculously stopped ;) xx

Lis Ionie

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Thanks for all your comments, il ask her about them all next time she's in! :) xx


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My friend has red dyed hair and was finding her French shellac was going orangey due to her running her hands through her hair etc.

It never got any better and as she likes to go 3 weeks before re-shellac she couldn't put up with orange tips so now only has dark colours. Such a shame as I think this is the 1 downfall of shellac French

Hth x
My (not Shellac) french gel polish used to go black, cos I read Newspapers!!! :eek:


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Shellac is a really porous product, fabulous for oil and soak off, not so fabulous with coming into contact with strongly pigmented products!

Curry, hair dye, tint, newspaper are all culprits!