Product loyalty?

Does anyone ever feel like they should use most if not all of a particular company's product? Or just use what works for you? For example, I like using Shellac base and top, Gelish structure gel, Young Nails primer and LED lamp, Light Elegance remover and cleanser, so on and so on. I've never had a problem mixing companies like this, but I've been overthinking wondering lately if it makes me look...unprofessional? What's your take on this?


Managing Director
Your first loyalty should be to yourself - you are the most important brand in your business.

In general, it's not a good idea to mix brands and use products in a way that the original chemist(s) didn't think about or test. It may appear to work, but you can be increasing your allergy risk when not using the correct UV lamp for each product.

I totally get why some NT are motivated to mix brands. You never found one brand that supplied all the products that you liked.

Keep looking - that brand is out there.... :)