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I've just qualified as a Level 2 Beauty therapists. I will be providing treatments from home as well as working part time in a salon.

I will be offering the following treatments:

Lash/brow tint
Gel polishes

So I was wondering what products you guys recommend for the above treatments (apart from gel polishes). I don't need any retail at the moment as I'm not in that position. Would like to use half decent products for my services. At the moment I currently use skin truth for facials and mani/pedis and I use salon essentials for tinting and Just wax for waxing. These are the products I used at college hence why I am currently using them.

Any info/recommendations would be fabulous.

Thank you


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Are you trying to upgrade your products or feel that you want something different ? Or are you unhppy with what you used at college?

Being familiar with something doesn't mean that you have to change if you don' t want to. "If it ain't broke it doesn't need fixing "as the saying goes.
Here's what i use.
Mani/pedi products - cuccio, ASP or Kaeso. In order of my preference
Facials - I use Kaeso, Don't like the cheap smell of skin truth.
Waxing -I use just wax , Hard for mobile brow/ lip waxing ; and soft for home salon.
Tint - refoctocil - all colours , strictly professional - like their brown tint only.
Gel - cuccio, Gellux, INK


I think upgrade some of the products, especially the facial and mani/pedi stuff. The products we used at college were cheap. I think that I just want to have nicer products and ones that actually work.

Thank you for your suggestions I will have a look at those.