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Tracey xox

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Mar 27, 2018
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I don’t generally do OAP sets, but I’ve got a new client and it doesn’t matter what I use her curls do not stay in for more than a day or two?
I’m mobile but generally use Wella & wholesaler products,
So far we’ve had to use T-gel to wash her hair in due to scalp issues,
I’ve used a setting lotion and could hardly get the rollers out after it was like glue,
A setting spray that did nothing,
I’ve tried mouse before rolling and setting spray after?
Also used Paul Mitchel freeze and hold for after,
Tried different roller sizes,
What am I doing wrong or what do I need to look out for?
My sections are not too big, I wind tight with no loose parts, she has it done weekly, any tips greatly received thanks


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Apr 24, 2015
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South Wales
Make sure the hair is really clean. I was never a fan of setting lotion. I always favoured mousse. I use Schwarzkopf Silhouette brilliance.
Is her hair short or long?
Are you using a dryer to set it or is it being left to air dry?
Also how do you finish the hair?
I always blasted the hair first to take the wet out and then mousse it up, roller it. And pop under moderate heat for about 15 mins. Then I'd turn the dryer to cole for a few minutes or just pull the dryer off and let them cool.down for 5 mins before pulling the rollers.
Brush out lightly with a vent brush, but always brushed from the underneath , not from the top.
Then I'd backbrush it all in to place and spray with silhouette (Black can)
Client used to wear a hair net at night too.

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