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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
hi i just wondered if any of you suscribe to the professinal nails and beauty mag?
I have been subscribing for about a year now and paid for two years in advance.
All of a sudden they stopped sending me the nail magazine. At first i thought that maybe it was normal then i read a post on here that said they sent something oit about it going solo and asked if u still wanted to recieve it. I never recieved anything like this so i wrote a aletter to them asking why i had'nt recieved my mag and could they carry on sending it and send me all the issues that i had not recieved. I have heard nothing!!!! :( so the other week i sent them an emaill saying the same and still nothing :evil: im a so upset i miss not having it!!!!!
Can any one shed an light on the situation???????????
This happened to me, they will honour the subscription and give you the nails mag until your subscription runs out. You`ll just have to get onto them again
The very same thing has happened to me, I received a letter asking if i still wanted to receive it after it had gone solo, quite silly really since ive paid for it, of course i still want it! And now, 2 months down the line i havent received my last couple of copies. Has any one got an e-mail address which i could send to them asking where my copies are? I would appreciate it! Thanks :)
hi michelle, the email i used was the one on the proffesional beauty website, don't know if its the right one (hasnt hot me very far) but worth a try!!!!!!
Try the annual subscription Telephone number:
01371 810433
They might be able to check up on things for you.........

If not try: 020 76103001

hope this helps
thanx ruth will give them a call tomorrow and let u all know the result!!!
Same happened to me :( I called to see what was going on and ther was no record that I sent in my form to continue reciecing the nail mag. So I missed out on 2 months of magazines as they said they had run out of back orders. Apparently I should recieve the next one out....I'll just hav eto wait and see I guess
I wasnt sure if Professional Nails had received my form relating to the continuation of my subscription..........
I receive professional Beauty & Nails and they issued a form to complete indicating if you wished to continue receiving Nails.
I gave the subscription line a quick ring and to be honest they were everso helpful and were able to check what was happening while I waited.

I definitely recommend giving them a call! :sunny:
I have a subscription for 'Nails' mag. I have been receiving Nails, professional nails and professional beauty! I did try and phone and have emailed (Thought I'd offer to pay to make sure I got it regularly in the future!)but heard nothing. I've only been paying for one subscription...Sure this isn't right but they are still sending it to me (not that I mind!!!!) Are the mags connected in some way? or should they be sent together? Can anyone enlighten me?XX
ok i have just been on the phone to the subscription line and ........................ they did recieve my letter and my email and have altered the details so that i will now continue to recieve the nails mag.
Apparantly the slip to confirm that i still wanted to recieve the mag was inside the magazine although i am sure i wwould have noticed it!!!!
As for the issues i have missed .....she has made a note on file and if there are any spare they will send them out but she could'nt promise any thing.... :( but hopefulllyyyyyyyyyy
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