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This thread is just meant to serve as a gentle reminder for those site members, both new and not so new, who seem to be confusing creating Profile Posts with creating new threads.

If you have a question to ask to which you would welcome some help or advice, please be sure to create a new thread in whichever forum is the most relevant. Otherwise, it is highly likely that your question(s) will go unanswered.

Should you have a question relating to a subject you're not trained or qualified in though, please ensure you create a thread in the Ask a Pro forum instead.

Profile posts are essentially "open" messages either for or between site members.

Thank you.

Hi thank you but how do you actually post- I can't work it out.


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Hi thank you but how do you actually post- I can't work it out.
If you want to create a new thread, tap forums, then select the forum you require and tap New Thread.

The full site operates in a different way to the app though, so let us know which you're using.

I can post via full site but my app doesn't give me the option for a new post? Why would this be, not sure if it's just because I'm quite new to the site



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Are you using an Android or Apple device?

1. In the first menu choose Browse,
2. then select either Professionals or Reception,
3. Select your forum,
4. Tap on the 3 dots above the topics list and you should see the options;
New Topic,
Mark As Read

5. Choose New Topic
6. Give it a title and type your query
7. click 'Create' to post to the forum.

If you were able to post previously but can't now, these are the steps I'd try.

Close down all opened Apps.
Shut down your device and after 30 seconds re-boot it.

Failing that, try un-installing and then re-installing the App.

If still no joy, get back in touch and I'll forward your query to our tech team in case it's a problem with your account.

Hi, I'm using Apple, I've deleted and reinstalled the app, the 3 dots menu is back! Thank you