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Just a question for all business people out there. Do you ever actually make a profit from Beauty and if so how long did it take. I've been in business for about 3 years now, I'm busy and taking a good amount of money every week.
The problem is, I constantly want to buy the best products, have more advanced training, learn new things and just have the best I can for my clients and myself, so almost all of my money goes back into the business. I don't see that it will ever stop. What are your thoughts and experiences with this? I started from scratch with no loans or financial help so have built up gradually, but it seems never ending. Xxx


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Sounds just like me and I've had my business for double the time you've had yours! 😔


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I hope so! I've had my business for a bit more than a year now, and it's steadily growing. I have completed a full time beauty course in this time too, so I couldn't concentrate solely on the business, but it has given me the qualifications that I need to push the business forward and it didn't cost me any money.
I am hoping to be making some money this year. My next purchase will be an electric couch and a holiday.

Anything else that I mention, my OH always asks "will it make the boat go faster". Some things I get delivered to the salon :wink2:
This is intresting, I've been going 15 months and breaking even but need to make a profit soon