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Hey everybody! I've been in the nail industry for about 3 months now. I'm working for myself in a salon. The salon is owned by my mother and I've gained some of her clients(mostly for pedicures though). I need some help on promotions I can offer to get new clients through the door. I really enjoy doing gel polish and hard gel/builder gel sets. Any ideas? I'm trying to stray away from acrylics because for some reason they cause me more stress than is healthy...

I'm worried if all I have is pedicures, I won't keep buisness in the winter since they aren't very popular in winter.
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Promotions don't really work from what I've seen.

The best way to gain and build clients is to keep the ones that comes in. You do that by doing good work and understanding what the clients need.

Another thing is that nails is kinda seasonal. If you don't build up a clientele with acrylics or gels, you won't make money in the winter and most likely will have to do something else until spring and summer comes around.

Btw its the same case for panhandlers. They make a lot in the summer because people are out and about. In the winter they most likely make $10-$20 a day. I asked them.
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Here's my 2 cents worth: on the back of my business card I've added a promotion "get $10 off your 10th service". It keeps clients coming back to me since they keep my business card and see the checkmarks on the backside; getting closer to their discount!