Providing services in offices?


Hi Geeks

I am hoping to make a nail day I did recently at my friends office more regular and as so many have said its such a good idea, I would love to try and get into more businesses offering the same thing

basically I go in and do gelish nails for the ladies and they take it as their lunch break

question is how would I go about approaching other businesses and what type of business would you say are best to approach and are more likely to accept??

As my friend got me in with her office so I don't really know where to start

hope some of you lovelies can help :) x


I think this is a fab idea - I'd probably approach call centres, as staff are not customer facing they would more than likely have no restriction on what colour nails or nail art they wear and also they all take breaks on a rota so not all at the same time :)


I would approach the HR dept and ask whether you could develop a partnership. You will offer their staff a discount and provide work on site. It will be attractive to them as they will want to be perceived by staff to have brokered a discount for them.
If you don't want / can't offer a discount just ask HR (or reception / admin in small businesses) whether they will circulate some info for you and / or include it in any newsletters or on their intranet.