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  1. ickledee
    Have fallen a little in love with this hair colour..is this an achievable colour for a hairdresser and what would the maintenance be like? i.e would the hair colour fade riciculously quick? Thanks

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  2. LillyGoose
    Firstly It will depend on the colour you are now. The darker your hair the harder it will be to achieve, the lighter your hair the easier. Also with many bright colors and pastel colors known as the fashion shades. Depending on the brand the hairdresser uses the color lasts up to about 6 washes. And if you wash your hair about once a day. I would say it will last about a week and then the colour will start to fade. Having these colors are very high maintenance and you will need to purchase the proper products and aftercare to insure the color will last.

    Your hairdresser will tell you to the same thing in the consultation..

    Hope this helps you
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