Putting your prices on website - why some don't do it?


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Nov 19, 2014
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chichester, uk
Hi Everyone

I have my own mobile nail business and i have a website, Facebook etc all which display my prices clearly.

The other day i was in desperate need of a massage and did a search in my local area for someone who could fit me in that day, anyway after looking at a few sites and pages i found that some do not put their prices on their sites and straight away i dismissed them and looked for ones with prices.

I couldn't be bothered to ring these therapists just to ask them their prices. I found a great place in the end and ended up spending £60 that day, which these other business`s potentially missed out on.

Am i just being silly but why would you not display your prices on your sites? Is there a reason for this?

Just out of curiosity

Jenny xx
I don't believe there is any logical reason for it.
It seems odd to me. o_O
Competition.....some people are so worried about others seeing their prices and competing which is ridiculous but it happens .....but by not showing them I agree they are losing potential clients ....x
That's just silly, I'd be exactly like you and not bother with the ones not listing their prices.
As for being concerned about the competition seeing their prices all they'd have to do is ring or book a treatment to see the prices....
I've seen that quite often in my area as well. If I see a website that doesn't have prices on it.. I don't ring to find out. I go to the next website that has prices.
I think it is about not wanting your competition to see what you charge.. but I see it as a barrier to getting enquiries!
I'm in the process of upgrading my website to my newly edited 3.6 version. I currently have uploaded a static page while its being implemented and a freebie one atm they continue to give me website presence. I'm not very techy and i kinda hate social media, but i do understand the trends to put more information up, aftercare, policies, t&cs etc

one of the reasons for upgrading is because i did have someone word for word copy my website, my pricing:mad::mad: In not having all my prices up for almost a year i have to admit it hasn't deterred any clients, i simply have mentioned my plight and its been warmly received. (we're busy enough as it is and i do get alot of word of mouth trade). I get the phone calls and i'm more able to go through treatments or suggest they pop in so we can give them the best possible consultation for their treatment.

Its a bit of devils advocate, but i'd rather concentrate on keeping within my usp of doing my own thing..i don't want to be like everyone else. (tbf it hasnt stopped the moolah £$$£$ or my salons reputation) ;):D
One of my bug bears is i really don't care for bargain hunters looking at special offers only pages. Or the ones that have to break down every service to an inch of its life. I've taken a step back from my website to look at what i wanted to convey, granted i had a few setbacks but I do believe prices are important factor when showcasing a website, but when you've had someone act as a copycat it makes you wary and reluctant- im very much appreciative of all the clients i have and im super excited to show my upgraded website.

I do believe that having ANY website is still better than none at all and just a fb page doesnt cut it in my eyes. xoxo

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