Qualification for feed in braids?


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Hi lovelies,

Im just wondering do I need a qualification to offer feed in braids, box braids with extensions, etc. I do these on my daughter all the time and always have people asking how much I charge. I am a Level 2 qualified hairdresser and covered a mixture of braiding techniques in my course. I'm just wondering if there is a seperate qualification for adding in extension hair?

Tia Natasha xx


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It depends on whether your current insurer will cover you with just the level 2 or whether they require you to have attended an extensions course. You need to speak to them directly as all insurers set their own conditions for insurance.
If you did any braiding on your level 2 (perhaps for a unit covering special occasion hair?) then you’d likely already be covered as you’d have passed an assessment involving braiding.
I think hair extension courses are a mixed bag because there’s no minimum standards for teaching unless you attend one covered by habia, so it’s a bit hit or miss as to whether you learn anything from them.
They don’t normally assess you but just issue a certificate of attendance afterwards.


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Thanks so much for your reply. I will call my insurer and find out. Very helpful thanks.