Question about clothing worn before a spray tan


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Hi. Long time lurker on the hair and nail forums but I need your help now. My daughter is getting a spray tan and the appointment is straight after school. I know for a spray tan you're meant to wear flip flops and loose clothing to a spray tan, but I'll have to pick her up straight from school and drive her to the salon and she won't have time to change out of her uniform (long trousers, blouse, a jumper, shoes and socks) into something looser. Should I try and reschedule the appointment, have her put on the uniform after she tans, or is there anything else I could do?

Thank you.


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Just take clothes to the salon for her to change into afterwards and it will be fine.


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It doesn't matter what she wears before her tan, only afterwards. Just pop her loose dark clothes in the car in the morning (that's assuming you're going to work and picking her up straight after?) so she doesn't have to carry them around with her all day at school :)