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Jun 21, 2004
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I have a couple of questions. My client had a greeny, removed the nail, cleaned the nail and of course to apply the new nail i had use the file to prep the nail. Now since i used that file on that nail wich had been cleaned it should not give a greeny on another nail correct????

A client always did very well with her nail, this time we wanted to try something different and gave her a fill with glitter acrylic, the same week 7 of the nails fell off. First time in 5 months that she has gotten her nails done. Could it be the glitter acrilyc does not work well for her????

Thank you so much for your help.
I personally would disguard that file now and not use it again on her or any other clients.
As for the glitter L&P.. Have you used it before?
Has this happened before with the glitter on another client?
How much practise have you had with the glitter powder?
Was you ratio right?

I cant see it directly being the product not agreeing with your client, without sounding rude, it may just have been incorrect application as im sure your prep was the same as always.

Practice makes perfect:D
I really don't get to use glitter powders often cause here unfortunatlyt no one is very dearing. But the few times i did use it i did not have problems. I usually always put a thin layer of pink and then apply the glittler and then another thin of pink, but this time i did not put a layer under it, and i thought maybe that could have been it.
Sorry can't help with your glitter probs as I don't do l&p. However, have to agree that although my files are sanitisable I don't like to take chances and run the risk of infecting other clients, so I keep a batch of old files to use in these cicumstances and then just throw them away.
I have used CND glitter L&P for a few years now and have never used a layer Pink then glitter then pink again, i have just used the glitter powder alon and have not had any problems..
Was you Prep up to scratch hun, sorry have to ask as most problem revert back to prep..

I will now try your idea and let you know how i get on in
Please throw away any files that you have used on "greenie" nails. Don't use them on other clients, and don't use them on the SAME client. You should throw away any disposable items (orangewood sticks, buffers, files, etc,.) that you use on a "greenie client". Best of luck with everything else!!

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