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Jul 29, 2010
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hi all,

I have just aquired a vacant A1 retail unit which im going to turn into a tanning and beauty salon, when i bought it the estate agent explained there should be no need to go through a "change of use application" with the council.

When ive spoke with the council they advised me a tanning and beauty salon is classed as a sui generis not an A1 shop so i have to go through all paperwork and pay fees etc to change it...

Im just wondering to all you salon owners what your shop is classes as ie.. sui generis or A1 retail etc..

Any help would be much appreciated

thanks guys xxxx
I have a small beauty salon and it is classed as sui generis. I had to go through all the hastle of approval for change of use from A1.

However, I understand that hair salons are classed as A1 and many hair salons offer beauty. I don't think they have to get additional approval.

Ironic but ...:rolleyes:

HTHs and good luck!
Don't waste your money Hun!
I'm goin through change of use at the moment from residential house to a1 - sui.. Is for miscellaneous buildings like theatres, ice skating rinks, etc that dont fit into general categories. We are shops & retail..
A1 Hun.. Xx
Hi ladies,

Sorry but you do need to apply for change of use. I am going through it at the moment - the shop I have got is a florist, next door to a hair salon and I want to change it to a beauty salon.

I have looked at every way round it and there isn't - even went to See a lawyer who specialises in this sort of thing as he said it has to be done.

It takes 8 weeks so I would get the application in asap in you have a dead line for open day!

It's so stupid - if a hair salon is A1 then why aren't we!! Annoying but that's how it is.
OMG what a nightmare we had doing exactly the same thing. You HAVE to change it to sui generis unless you can prove only something like 5% of your retail space will be used for beauty, the rest for A1 use...

My advice with all things council related are that the process absolutely sucks but you just have to bite your lip and go through the motions like everyone else.

Allow 8-20 weeks for this to be changed and your licence to come through. You wont get your beauty licence until you are Sui Generis. It took us 4 months with our local council and you have to make a lot of daily phonecalls and emails to hurry them along...

Good luck!

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