Quick waxing question!

Hi everyone,
I have a waxing exam tomorrow (eek!) and have been revising but I'm a bit confused when it comes to contra-indications, so thought I'd ask here just incase it comes up! (plus I should probably know anyway)

When it comes to waxing a diabetic - does the diabetes restrict the treatment from going ahead or does it prevent it?

I'm diabetic myself and have been waxed but one book i'm reading from says "prevent" and the other says "restrict" so I'm not sure which would be right?! Does it depend on the type of diabetes?

Thank you in advance xx


if it was me i would ask for a doctor's note plus it would protect ur insurance if that makes sense


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It depends on the type of diabetes and whether or not it is currently being managed with appropriate medication.



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Diabetes isn't a contraindication its a special care condition in waxing, just means u have to be extra careful ensuring the heat is correct and ensure you stretch tightly:)xx


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I would never turn away a diabetic. The only thing you have to be wary of is their healing rate. So be more careful on bikini line / underarms where bleeding could be aparrent. Obviously only small blood spots lol so do correct prep, stretch skin well and apply after wax lotion. Good Luck x

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It's fine to wax diabetics as long as you're careful. However, it all comes down to if your insurers say they'll cover you to wax them.