R.I.P Prince


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May 27, 2012
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What was your favourite Prince song?

Mines 1999 and I Feel For You!

Such a sad day!
When doves cry and Diamonds and pearls [emoji22]
What a sad year this has been so far
Raspberry Beret

It was a bit quirky

RIP Prince of Pop
I love "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"... Not a great year for celebrities! All the good ones are going! X
I can't believe it
Starfish and coffee
Purple Rain
Little Red Corvette
Me and my guitar
Mr Goodnight

And I could go on and on for ever.

I am truly heartbroken at Prince's passing. He has been my most loved musician since I was 12 or 13, saw the film Purple Rain when it was first released. Finally saw him live at the O2 in 2007 and he was amazing. A hugely talented man. So sad.
Diamonds and Pearls, as well as Cream are both my faves.

Can't believe another legend has left us, again well before his time.
Purple Rain and When Doves Cry. So sad.
Money don't matter tonight, I would die for you & when doves dry were my faves.
So sad [emoji20]
I'm absolutely gutted about this, I grew up listening to Prince as it was all my mum listened to.
My faves are when doves cry, kiss, purple rain , 1999. I love all of them [emoji17]
I'm in shock at his passing. My FAVE Prince song of all time is 1999.
Sign o' the times and purple rain.

Who's going to replace all these legends/icons now they're gone?
When doves cry and gold
I love all his music but especially purple rain, when doves cry, I would die 4 u & I love nothing compares to u, (i know it's sang by sinead o conner but he wrote it so it always reminds me of him!). So glad I got to see him once back in the nineties on his diamonds and pearls tour in London. Such an amazing performer, I will always remember him just leaping from the stage onto his piano! What a shock. [emoji22]
Purple rain and little red corvette

My friend is an artist and drew this for me :)

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