Re-using files

Hey, I just want to know what does everyone do when it comes to files. Do you reuse files on different clients and just spray with antibacterial spray? I want to avoid storing files for clients because it causes clutter.


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I spray all of mine down with mundo spray xx


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I guess it depends how many clients you have but I use a concertina box file with alphabetical sections and I store each client's nail file in a named envelope. (I spray them with sanitising spray after each use.). So it's not cluttered as they're all contained.


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Definitely, use the spray after each use of the file, this way you'll get longer use out of them without risking contamination, as soon as the grit starts to ware down you'll replace them anyway.

Thanks ladies!


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Remember you must fully sanitise (clean) the file before you spray. No point disinfecting a dirty, dusty file.


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I scrub them with an anti bacterial soap and nail brush, let them dry and then spray with Mundo sanitizer spray