Re-using hard wax (at home!)


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I wax my own legs at home, using hard wax, and I'm curious as to what the best way is to strain the hair out of the used strips of wax. Since this is no longer approved practice in salons, I can't find any instructions. I'm hoping someone who remembers the bad old days when all the salons reused their wax on multiple clients will tell me how it was done. In particular, what kind of strainer works best? Thanks!


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Back in the eighties the hot wax heaters came with sieve fitted on one side. Never used it but I assume the warmth from the hot wax underneath kept the used wax warm enough to flow back in leaving hairs in the metal sieve.

I don't think the time, effort and mess would be worth it these days, let alone the hygiene issues. Bugs like being warm!
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I have heard of it being done many years ago but I wouldnt personally do it. The time you spend doing it would be far more expensive than a new tub of wax x

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Just seems like a waste of time. Eg imagine how much you would be getting paid for doing your wax in the time it takes. Then think about how much time it would waste to strain it. You could be working on a client in that strain time and paying for plenty of wax and sticks for yourself.

I do remember years ago when I used a type of hard wax from sally’s on myself. I would use a whole was a black pot. Not sure of name. But it was of a certain texture and flexibility that once you had put it on, as you flicked it off with the stick, you could wrap it around the stick. It then hardened on the stick like that so I could then dip it into the pot as the stick and carry on and repeat. It was a honey colour. As it was different there was no chance I’d mix it up. Only stopped using it when i went vegan and just use the strip wax I use for work.


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I recall , back jn the eighties at my local college that we had a double wax heater with a metal sieve that was an integral part of the heater that filtered the hairs and all the other nasties out. Clearly not on a cellular dreadful it was compared with today's standards.
One side of the dual heater had Azulene wax, for sensitive skin and the other just the standard creamy yellow wax. CFBS is right the warmth from the heater kept the filtered area warm so it slipped through as we were working.

I felt it took far too long and was so glad that my boss wanted the latest "Honey wax " from Depilex. It was a strip wax and compared to college days it was a very hygienic method as it was not being re used. Quite the revolution in those days, ha ha!

I use strip on myself...can't be bothered to take an age I just lift my trouser leg up and do it in a jiffy.
Why bother when there are some good alternatives, try roller just on yourself , don't go back to the filter method it's too much time wasted.