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Hi Ladies,

I had a new client recently for an eyebrow wax. She had had waxing before. Following the wax she felt the area was quite pink and I explained that some people go pinker than others. Off she toddled. Had a phone call 2 days later saying it had gone red, swollen and blistered! I know the temperature was fine. I am wondering if she has reacted to something and whether it is the aloe vera soothing after gel rather than the wax. Has this ever happened to you? Thanks very much x:cry:


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First of all, dont' panic.

Second, PLEASE don't blame yourself.

This is a reaction by the sounds of it.

My very FIRST ever paying client, had a reaction similar to this. She had a reaction all swollen and red for days on end. She had to get something from the doctor.

She had her legs done a few months later by me despite me warning her, and hey presto; it wasn't me, as I'd said, but her reacting to something in the wax.

That experience nearly ended my career but I am still doing this 8 years later. Please try not to worry.

Thanks for that, its reassuring to know it is not just me! Yes feeling awful and have rung clean and easy and they have been great and suggest I ask her if she has been in the sun prior to/after the wax. Will see what else I can find out. Thanks for your support, now feeling better! x:eek:

I always hand out aftercare leaflets - no touching the waxed area, avoid heat, perfumed creams etc. You would be suprised at despite doing this just how many people touch the waxed area!! Once the area has been waxed the pores are open and touching it with maybe dirty hands is not a good idea!

As long as you have filled out a client consultation card and they have no contraindications, tested the temperature of the wax on yourself first and given aftercare advice you have covered all bases. You could always do a patch test too for added peace of mind!

Try not to worry!!


Sounds like your client has had a reaction - does she have a problem with plasters? Rosin (think that is how you spell it) is usually the culprit - gum from pine trees that makes the wax sticky. One of my ladies recently was a little bit itchy around her sock line. The last time we waxed she was red and itchy from knee to ankle so we know it is definitely the wax (honey wax). I am patch testing her with a creme wax and if she reacts to that there is a cherry and jasmine gel wax you can get without rosin in it that I will order in for her as she is a regular.

Whatever you do don't blame yourself. It is one of those things. If she goes to her GP he/she can sort her out with some anti-histermine for the reaction.


:irked:Ah thats interesting about the rosin - was not aware of that thanks very much and yes aftercare leaflets are a good idea indeed. i saw the client in question again today - fortunately all healed and no sign of any redness. Thanks for your support x

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Maybe you should re-cleanse this client after waxing, rather than apply soothing gel. I'd also apply some Savlon. xxx