Really clear gel top coat


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Every gel top coat seems to have a bit of yellow cast to it, even fresh and never used. I have a bottle of Brisa Lite that is getting low. Its the only top coat that is truly clear and won't yellow a pale color. Unfortunately, discontinued.
I'm obsessively careful with top coats. I always clean the brush before putting back in container. We primarily use CND Shellac, but also OPI and Tammy Taylor.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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It should be like liquid glass, I have never seen this before. Is it possibly comtaminated by some colour that has managed to get into it?
I use cuccio and have no problem with it.
Sorry I am no use with regard to your problem I hope someone experienced with your products will be more helpful.


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Are the bottles being stored in sunlight? X

It may be the lamp you are using, I had a cheaper one that always seemed to make top coat a little yellow. I invested in a better one and haven't had a problem since.

Enail couture shine E is a fab top coat. It claims there is absolutely no yellowing, I use it and it's amazing.


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Thank you for the replies. I don't recommend mixing product lines, but...I'm really disappointed with the top coats I've been using. Brand new bottles have a distinct color to them. I know not to store anything in sunlight (although most bottles have even the threads blacked out). I never contaminate with dragging pigment back into my top coats.
The lamp I use is a newer CND LED. LCN Recolution has a clear gel top coat, but it doesn't like being put over the Shellac. It reacts a bit with the sticky layer and doesn't get the best shine. A reason not to mix the lines. But, as I said, I'm really tired of having yellowed pale colors as soon as I apply the top coat.
I'll order the Cuccio and couture shine and see what happens. Thanks again.

Like you, I don't usually mix product lines. However, Max Estrada claims that he developed shine E to be used with enail couture and other manufacturers. It was why I suggested it to you.

Good luck, hope you sort the problem