Really curly natural lashes - what the best way to apply lash extensions to these?

Bev Rose

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I have very curly natural lashes on the corner of my right eye.

My friend who came on the same lash course (Lash Perfect) with me does struggle to apply the lashes to my very curly lashes without sticking more than one natural lash to it.

I wear c curls.

Any advice would be appreciated xxx


It is important to separate curly eyelashes well. So first she needs to begin with separating one eyelash properly from the other (as when they are curly they tend to mix up a bit). Once she has separated one eyelash from the others, only then attempt to apply a fake eyelash. Best would be to apply on either side of a lash to use the straight part as much as possible (just where it comes out of root it tend to be straight and then turn upwards). She needs to apply as close to eyelid as possible to use all the usable area. Once she has placed it on, she can still hold them apart from the rest while adhesive dries properly and only then let go, that way they will not still all to the natural lashes. Does she used lash perfect fast drying adhesive or the odour free one? As I find fast drying adhesive makes it easier to deal with curly lashes. I hope I made sense. :hug:

Bev Rose

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Hiya priory
Thanks for replying xxx

I let her use my LP stuff for my lashes & I have bought 'Flirties'adhesive, which as far as I know, is normal adhesive, not fast dry.

I'll pass you info on to her regarding the application & thanks form me too xxx:hug:

Miss Pink23

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Flirties also do a fast drying adhesive, so maybe if you try this it will help also.