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May 2, 2004
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i had a bad day at work yesterday, not slept well last night,still upset and not sure what to do, so i thought i'd ask you for your help and support.

I have only been doing nails since january, creative l&p and brisa. love it to death don't want to do anything else now. after a brief stint mobile decided to work in a salon. i was hired to do mans and peds and some nails, starting with repairs, okay i thought good to learn mans/peds and perhaps start at the begining with the nails one step at a time. i have been there 12 weeks now and built up a fairly good client base with the mans peds and got 3 of my own customers for nails 1 of which wanted to stay with me after going with another tech! and 1 that i bought to the salon.
Yesterday the boss said that she wants me to go back to doing just mans and peds because i have had lifting and some of the customers were not 100% happy, i could only do repairs and only rebalances etc if.... there were no other appointments free for any of the other techs ( i am the only one who does the mans peds ). I am reading between the lines a bit and feel that there are underlying issues other than just this. i.e not enought hours to go round now i have started to do nails etc you know what it's like with a bunch of girls, i am 30 now and hate this kind of thing i am getting too old for silly games!!!. But i feel let down and my confidence is shot. i have booked on the real rebalancing and the make over magic and soon the creative illusions because it is really what i want to do, (the boss doesn't know this yet) i am worried that i now won't get the practice in, i can't leave i need the money. I am floored!!
And all this before we all go up to the show together tommorow. I feel like poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
What should i do?????


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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Morning Love! No wonder you feel like poop!

I hate it when the boss passes things on instead of letting the technician deal with the client.

Did you see the lifting that your boss described or did you get the client complaints personally or 2nd hand through your boss??
If as I suspect it was 2nd hand info, then stand up for yourself and say that you do not accept that the client's problem was anything out of the ordinary and would have liked to have dealt with the situation yourself. You are not a junior but an adult and cannot gain more experience unless allowed to work and do nail enhancements.

You see, if you are being portrayed as the new girl with not much esperience the EVERY client that has the slightest problem will percieve you that way and blame it on you. Always happens.

Tell your boss you could do with some support and will deal with any complaints yourself and would prefer not to be labled as the newbie/novice nail technician.

None of us like confrontations of this kind with the boss, but you are doing nothing wrong in stating your case (it's not a sackable offence :) ) and in the end she will respect you for it. They will have no respect unless you do, and the situation will continue. She is only another woman. Face up to her.

Be polite and state your feelings to her privately. In the meantime, enjoy the show ... go see your Creative friends at the booth. Watch the demos, have fun, keep your head up high and keep your dignity and don't let them get you down.


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Jul 4, 2004
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chicago, Ill
Well said from Geeg!!! I ditto that all the way! Don't let anybody shoot you down sweetie! On another note, let this be a learning experience for you. And a stepping stone. Where you are now is NOT where you will be 2 years from now. Invest in yourself. Continue to take classes, and soak up everything you can. I took MYSELF off of the menu for l&p at my job, because I let "1" client make me feel inadequate about my services, when it turns out she was just extremely picky and wanted to get things for free. When I went to a product training a month later, the instructor told me that she didn't understand why I was there (other than to get CE hours), and that I actually could have taught the class!! So what I'm saying is if you haven't heard any complaints directly from the clients, and they have kept coming back to you, and you've seen the state of the nails, don't feel bad about your work. There's always room for improvement, but your boss needs to be more professional, and talk to you personally before she makes any decisions about your role at the salon.


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Nov 10, 2003
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Dear Charley,

Poor you! Listen to Geeg, she is soooooooooo right! I can't add anything to what she said but I can give you lots of support. Big hug!

Believe in yourself, let your love for doing nails be your passion, focus on what you can contribute to your client.

I was so pleased when I did my first set of Creative L&P I nearly jumped over the moon! It took me ages so you are doing it all faster than I did, but its not a race, its about providing the best service we can to the client we are with and you seem to be doing just that.

Hope you enjoyed the show and took Geeg's advice and saw the Creative Team, they're FAB!

Take care,


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