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Hello my natural hair is dark I have coloured my hair using L'Oréal hi colour megenta with 30vol oreor developer my ends are dark and my roots are bright megenta Lol I used a crazy colour Bordeaux to try and even out my colour some parts of my ends are now red the rest is dark. What do you advise . What do I do now to even out my ends? I have a 20 volume oreor creme do I use that with more megenta concentrating on my ends only? Or do I remove the colour and start again what do you suggest any advise would be appreciated thank you
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Anyone here to give advice


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Please visit a qualified hairdresser or hairdressing training salon, if money is tight.
This is a forum for qualified professionals and it’s against site rules to provide technical colour advice to essentially, our potential clients.
Ask a pro is for general hair styling advice.


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Ask a pro? That's why the moderator put the topic in this section of the forum. The thread was here to give advice to none professionals not a attitude!
No attitude or trolling, not sure why you think that?
No one here will give you advice on how to colour your hair if you are not a pro.