Removing gel polish not applied in your salon


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It’s not something I have to do too often but I find anytime I remove a product applied by someone else it does not budge.

I use Gelish removal and only use Gelish products myself. When I remove my own it will lift off itself when I Remove the foils.

The last two I’ve done have not budged, and they be looking at me raging like it’s my fault. It’s not something I wanna refuse to do as then i have lost out on a potential new customer. Just wondering does anyone else find it as hard


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You should always charge a premium for removal if it wasn’t applied in your salon.
Also, despite what the client might say about the type of product applied, I’d recommend filing away the bulk of the product rather than waste time soaking off.
However, if the product they’ve had applied hasn’t been properly cured, the dust could cause you irritation, so consider wearing a mask when you file it.


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