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Feb 13, 2013
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"Trends" of City rd, Fenton. Is possibly Stoke on Trent first fully chair/room rental hair and beauty salon.

The salon will be ready to be open very soon. It has on offer opportunities for creative, team-spirited persons to join us on a self employed, chair only or room rental basis

Situated on a busy main road. Good residential and business location. Private Car park at rear. Large public car park very close by. The building has just had a full refurb.

Ground floor, hair salon. Approx 900sq ft.
4 - 5 chairs available, wash basins, ladies and gents loos, staff room with kitchenette.

First floor. Beauty room.
Approximate 900sq ft . At the moment it is an open space. Could be split into another 3 rooms and still have space for sunbeds, the 3 phase electric is already there just in case. This room we hope to rent out to one person, who can the employ others to suit their needs. Small room off the main room, can be made into a toilet/wash room or leave as is for a private massage room. If you want a toilet we will do the work.

All utility bills, broad band, music licences etc to be included in the rent. Leaving you to concentrate on your crlients.

Tenants should already have at least a small client base, though we will work with tenants to increase this and keep them busy, via our sign/design branding background and advertising. We believe in giving back to the tenant/your business helping you to prosper. A percentage of your rent will be put towards improving the customer base.

Tenants must be of a level to serve the clients to the highest standards as we hope to promote the business as a high class salon. Tenants should be a clean worker and be considerate to other workers.

Tenants will be encouraged to branch out and sell products of their choice.
£Financial help available for courses that will help to further your career.
Business and financial advice available.

All tenants will be required to pay a month in advance and sign a contract written by an employment/rental specialist solicitor. 6 month minimum contract. Rent is required to be paid weekly.

While some rent a chairs schemes have a slightly bad rep, for just taking the rental money and offering very little back to the tenant. We hope to be vastly different. We hope to help you reach you`re full potential.
We offer to take away a lot of the business stress that comes with being self employed. Letting you concentrate on being creative.

Salon advertising. We believe all too often with rent a chair, salon advertising does not include the chair, it is purely for the salon. We feel by taking a percentage from each tenants rent per week and placing it into an advertising fund/pot, this can be used to advertise the salon. As we are landlord only, the tenants in the salon reap the benefit. We hope to feel the benefit by having happy long lasting tenants.
With our signage/printing & advertising background we feel we can put this fund to good use and help grow the salons customer base. Which in turn helps put more £`s into our tenants pocket.
Good signage, regular leaflet drops, local paper adverts, website and social media sites are all methods of advertising we will be employing.

We can also help with-
Business skills.
Book keeping & Tax payments.
Bank account & Payment card machine set ups.
FB and social media skills
Loans for future courses to help you advance in your career 
Loans for equipment. (loans will be paid back via an increase in your rent)
Chairs are £120 per week. Large room £200 pw.

A discounted rate is offered for 3 months. The first rented is classed as chair 1 etc
Chair 1 rented @ 15%
Chair 2 @ 10%
Chair 3 @ 5%

Room 10% discount for 3 months.

Viewing highly recommended and most welcome.

Please contact us for more info or just to chat.
Regards Denise or Kevin
or pm via the forum.


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