Renting a room for microblading, how to make this work?


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Hi everyone,

My therapist would like to rent a space for microblading. She currently works 2 days/week. These clients are existing clinic clients who she's managed to upsell for microblading. She is new to this but generally very good at eyebrows and other fine procedures. We are asking for a 60/40 split, 60 to her. Questions:
  1. she requires 3-4 hours per client. At £450/client (central London charge), that works out at a room rent (£45-60/hour depending on 3/4 hrs).
  2. at present, she's doing the consult and tint test on days when she already works here. Microblading on days when she doesn't normally work here. I don't have an issue with this but my manager feels (rightfully I believe) that we need to streamline everything so that same rules apply to others as we grow. So at present, she's eating into time a clinic client could book in for another treatment
  3. she has her own card reader so no issues there but assuming she didn't, would you charge for use of card terminal? at the very least provider cost? There's also overall clinic revenue to consider as this would be seen to be clinic profits.
  4. we said that reception/tea/coffee; initial phone, enquiry etc is included. We are also happy to have leaflets etc and liase for marketing. Basic consumables are included e.g. couch roll, cotton buds, cleaning etc. She provides her own pigment and blades.
  5. her consent form is provided by her - it happens to be very long and may require help to fill out. She is not associated with the clinic for this service and is on her own.
  6. we have said that she needs to provide her own phone as contact for complications, follow ups etc.
  7. what happens if she requires more time to sort issues out as they arise- which is beyond the allocated time (room rental)?
  8. she also states that it can take anything from a total of 3 hours to 5 hours. We are trying to explain to her that she needs to allocate a time for it. How much time does it normally take for both first and second appointment?
Any other things to consider that I may have missed out? We are keen to support her and don't want to be out of pocket.
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Anyone? Other therapists out there already doing this, what's your current arrangement?


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That sounds ever so complicated.

When I've rented a treatment room I've always done it on an hourly rate / half day rate and gone in as completely self employed.
I would do my own bookings, own client records. Sometimes the room rent would include a receptionist who would check clients in ( tick off on a list ), but I would handle bookings. I paid a flat rate no mater what treatments I did. If I had no bookings... I still paid clinic rent. If I had a full day.. I had a nice profit.

If it was me.. I would expect to pay a flat rate per day.. and If I wanted to add an extra day for microblading, then I would agree to pay for 3 days room rental instead of 2. I would also expect to pay for all materials, machines, licenses, insurances , do my own promotion, trade under my own name etc.