Renting a room with no clients?


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Not long qualified and have been working from home but it's a struggle as my kids are always here.
Have found a little office room to rent with a bathroom for £300pcm. My partner is a bit unsure and thinks I should hold back as I havent learnt other designs and things yet.But I keep getting clients asking me to book them in and really cant.
So I'm just feeling very frustrated at the moment do I take the risk or not.


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The only way you can build clients and get better at designs is simply by putting yourself out there and doing it!

I always say nothing gives you more of a boost that your first full paying client!

You have to also become comfortable with taking money from people !
This is something i struggled with when i started!

But not since getting my own space

And now i have my own salon i have realsied that people will come to you and will pay you you just need to build a relationship through your advertising and once you get that 121 time with them!

Its very scary starting out but the only way to push forward is to just do and keep doing it - block out the self doubt!
Also be honest with your customers that your newly set up and trying new designs !
Always set your prices higher and to the level of the area that way if you do discounts your still in profit!

Just do it , do it again and do it again , build your foundations and go for it

Good luck