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Discussion in 'Business' started by clairehams26, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. clairehams26
    I am going to have a look at a room to rent tomorrow very excited as it's free for the first 6 months. It's a assisted living building with a cafe open to the public. I can't think of many questions to ask I know there is loads but my mind is blank.
  2. Haircutz
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    What’s the rent afterwards and the minimum contract period should be on your list of questions.
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  3. Minkeybox
    Will you have keys/access 24/7. Can you come & go as you please (early & late appointments)

    Does anyone else share the space, will your equipment stay in situ or will you have to pack it away each day. Is it secure ie will ppl wander in & help themselves

    Is there a sink/access to water

    Is there parking

    Are there toilets your clients can use

    Is there a waiting area so if you are with a client can the next one wait if they are early

    Is the gas/elec, music licenses, wifi, water, rates & special treatment licence (if needed) included. If not included how much are they.

    Can you decorate, pop up shelves. Is there any storage. Is there heating, (will you need plug in heaters) are there enough plug sockets.

    Im anal so my list is usually endless lol xx
  4. clairehams26
    That's great thank You!
  5. Minkeybox
    No problem hun :)

    I will pop back as & when I think of things xx
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  6. Beckybee
    It's a delicate subject to raise.... Assisted living! What problems do the residents have?

    It's a subject that needs approaching as you'll be with them all day
  7. clairehams26
    Sorry may have worded it wrong it's flats for over 55s
  8. Beckybee
    No problem, I used to be a carer looking after assisted living clients, hence that's why I commented.
  9. Beckybee
    I would wonder why is it free for 6 months... They might want you to be tied in for 5 years... My aunty lived in a similar "village" it was just like a small town, it had shops and a hairdressers, could be a good opportunity
  10. clairehams26
    Because the manager wants to charge less than what the council does. He wants £5 per hour. They are doing it free to start with so you can build a client base
  11. Haircutz
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    What happens if you haven’t built up enough regular clients after 6 months? Can you just leave?
    £5 an hour sounds very expensive for a beauty room. If you work an 8 hour day that’s £40 a day or £240 a week which is reasonable for London but elsewhere, less so. Find out what the going rate is locally and use this to negotiate a reasonable rent.

    Usually, rooms are rented on a daily or weekly basis rather than by the hour.
    Will you be sharing the space with others using the room in the evenings or on days you’re not working?
    That would be a deal breaker for me.
  12. clairehams26
    It is because it's council there is on local salon that charges £60 a day so not too bad
  13. clairehams26
    There will be one hairdresser one day a week
  14. Alison Pilkington-Child
    Can you have clients from outside that base?
  15. clairehams26
    Yes my clients can come too

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