Repairing my hair

I have dark blonde hair but have had blonde tints in my hair to lighten it for years. I have recently switched hairdresser as my old one has stopped being a hairdresser. When I first visited the new salon I explained that I have tints with no peroxide. The hairdresser said this was called a highlift tint. I was really pleased with the result.

However, I have gone back for my roots to be done and think that the hairdresser has forgotten that I don't have peroxide and think she has used peroxide. My hair is now much lighter than before. I do like the new colour but I am worried that my hair well become damaged. What can I do to help prevent this from happening but still maintain this nice colour.


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Hiya all colours whatever the shade, you mix with peroxide(unless a semi). Do you mean you didn't want bleach? You need to get a good treatment and do this at least twice a week if its dry. I used to sleep in mine over nite which works. if its splitting then get it cut straight away to prevent more damage and keep this up evey 6 weeks. x


Yeah I meant bleach. My hair has gone slightly dry.

Could you recommend some good treatments?


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joico k-pak shampoo's conditioners and treatments are fantastic for damaged hair, they are protein based reconstructors.
in the meantime why dont you book for a conditioning treatment at a salon x

I'd book a treatment at a salon as they use things you can't buy for yourself and they really do a good job. If you're having an all over colour your hairdresser should only be doing your roots next time, which means it wont damagae the rest. x