Replacement lid for Hive heater

i have two single Hive heaters and one developed a crack not long after starting to use it. The crack has now become considerably worse and I need a new one. Where would I be able to get a replacement lid from?

Hive sell replacement lids I think x


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I have 4 Hive heaters and 3 of the kids cracked. I contacted Hive and they sent me new ones free of charge. My 4th heater lid never cracked and nor have the new ones which I've had nearly a year. I think they may have changed the manufacture of them although they told me they'd never had any problems reported.

They also told me they never had problems reported!

Good to know they've fixed it. I partly stopped using hive because of the lid issue but also because of the double turn on. When we had power cuts (which is frequently) I would forget to torn them on again. Awkward!

Vic x


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Me too! My electric sometimes trips then heaters are off, nightmare!