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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
I have just been watching the reversable application video from youngs nails. I think it looks great & the nail look super. Tammy taylor does a similar thing for nail biters, which i do when it comes to a sculpt, but she doesnt put as much acrylic on as the youngs guys. Can you use this technique on tips ( pink/clear first then white) or does it have to be on sculpts only?
Also, i have been watching the mould vid aswell but what i am confused about is, when it comes to gel, how does the uv ray get under the mould to set the gel.
I think i will pass on this one for now, although it looks lovely, i just can`t see how it will work myself. And also, do you still use primer & do you put a thing bed of acrylic for the acrylic in the mould to set to or does it just go onto the bare nail plate.
Hmmmmm. Laws.x.:confused:

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