RF machine

Hi Everybody,

Looking for some advice, I am looking to invest in an RF machine for my business to compliment my other treatments which are mainly Caci, Skeyndor and Medik8.
Don't want to spend Caci money on a machine, and would hopefully like to buy outright, I am looking for something reliable that gives good results. Any suggestions?

I have looked at the 3D skintech - anybody got experience in this machine?- I am worried as a few seem to be up for sale less than a year old with vastly varying prices. (ebay between £2.5k and £5K)
Also been looking at HOF - anyone used their stuff? I also considered Carlton but the other machines offered more treatments whereas the carlton machine is RF only.
Any other suggestions.
Thanks for your help x



I have a caci & an environ machine I have a large folloiwng at work for my treatments but need to be self employed and all my spare cash goes to my builders at the moment so no spare cash do you have any suggestions or need anyone who is mature I always get clients coming back for treatments.



I don't know if you've used the search function on here, but I have recommended the Carlton machine. I use their Thermavisage which does RF and vacuum and gives good results. My one does body as well but I think they have brought a face one out.

Vicki x

Thanks Vicki,

just ordered one today.


Louise How did you get on with your machine and does it do body RF too