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hi peeps been a while since I posted on here!! im moving to a bigger salon and have agot a girl interested in doing massage and hostilic treatments etc but how much is the going rate for renting space/ bed etc?
thanks in advance xx:D


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Im opening up a new salon soon and i'll only be working part time so will have a few days to rent out. I was thinking of charging £20 per day so will be interested to see what others charge.


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I have 2 rooms, the larger one (13ft x 14ft) I rent out at £25 a day, all inclusive of bills, water, Teas, coffees and reception. All furniture, products and laundry is her's.

The smaller room is £20 per day, as above applies.

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I rent mine out for £25 per day inclusive of everything mentioned by khs including washing, couch, couch covers, towels.
A lot depends where you are.

Vic x