Rose brown


Hi guys, just had a client ask me for Rose brown hair colour. Does anyone have any advice they can give me and does it still have to be bleached, I’m assuming it will.
She has level 5 box colour with an inch regrowth, 100% grey.
I use L’Oréal or Rusk. Thanks in advance.


First, I would determine by looking over photos with this client on their interpretation of "Rose Brown". Everyone sees it differently, like Caramel.
Always keep in mind what you will do NEXT time to retouch and match as well.
What were some formulas you were thinking of using? What technique?
We are usually adamant about helping to brainstorm but not necessarily "give all the answers".


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If she’s 100% white, I’d be surprised if one brown box colour covered it adequately. You need to know exactly what you’re working with so I’d be inclined to remove the box colour first because you’re only seeing what’s on top layer, then go from there.