Rubber hose/pickup pipe

Hi, when i purchased my spray tan machine from Senna X, they gave me a spare rubber hose that picks up the solution from the pot. Anyway I was wondering is there a set time when this hose should be changed? as the one i have in their has been fine so far (touch wood) but i have had it a couple of years now and wondered if i should change it over to the new one? I dont do much tanning its really in fits and starts so thats maybe why the original has lasted this long.

Thank you for your help. I did search some old postings but couldnt find any that matched this one.

No one? oh well i will just keep on with the old one until something goes wrong and then i guess it will be time to change it over.


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If its not broken why fix it as the saying goes.

I'd keep it as a spare hun for when you actually do need it. Xx