Russian Mongolian hair extensions


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Ive been doing hair extensions since march, I've been using Russian Mongolian hair and had no problems up to now. I got a message from a client I fitted 160 strands of the Russian Mongolian nano rings on just over a week ago, she's asked me how can she stop it being so wispy and its gone really dry, I've had no problems with the hair before and all of my other clients love it, she's sent me a photo of the sulphate free shampoo and condition she's been using but I just don't know what to suggest and don't want her to start being difficult as I'm new to it all and I feel like her just messaging me that has knocked my confidence, I've messaged the supplier to see what they say but I just don't know how to respond or solve the situation :(


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It may be that it just needs a bit of TLC. Don’t worry. Tell her to use a nice thick conditioner and avoid things that may be drying it out. Usual culprits are silver shampoo and really hot straighteners! She needs to use a heat protector if she is styling it a lot and I usually tell my clients to avoid ghds and go for a pair of straighteners that are temp controlled. I never have mine above 150 and it avoids any colour fade too. Best of luck x