RVB galvanic gel?

Hi does anyone know if rvb galvanic gels still exist, or something similar, I used to use them years ago, it was liquids like witch hazel, rose water, horse chestnut etc that you would prepare depending on client and skin type then would add a few drops of another liquid and they would turn to gel for disincrustation, then you could add few drops of another liquid to turn it into a cream for mask, massage medium etc


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Hi Taraki,
When I read your post I had a trip down memory lane, and if my memory serves me right the products were Galvanic gels which were mixed with a specific ampoule and added to the base gel. You are right, there was witch hazel, propolis and azulene to name a few. They became creamy and beautiful to work with, when the ampoule was added to the gel.
Th company that we had them from was Depilex, based in Nelson , Lancashire and I think they have ceased trading in the uk??? I can see Skinlab rvb products , but not in the uk unfortunately. Unless a wiser geek than me can tell us that is !
They were so nice, and used for the dermatone facial, luxury facial and their geloid facial in the salon. They also did a lovely oxygenating whipped mousse which was used for the high frequency facials.
Looking at other similar products I would check the "House of Famuir" equipment and salon supplies who have a ange of mesotherapy products that can be used in a variety of treatments. Galvanic, derma roller, iontophoresis, thermatherapy etc. They are advanced and have many more scientific components in them and have revolutionised skincare.
The products may be what you are looking for and I hope that helps you out.
Good luck